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Incredible Wooden Lion Carved from a Single Tree (11 photos)

by Woody Smith
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Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao has carved this incredible wooden lion from a single tree trunk. The artist led a team of 20 assistants on a three-year journey to complete the sculpture, which was made in Myanmar and was transported to its permanent home at the Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, China. According to Woodworking ideas, the lion was carved from a rosewood tree and measures 14.5m (47.5 ft) long, 5m (16.4 ft) high and 4m (13.1 ft) wide. If those measurements are true it would make the lion the longest wood carving in the world, which is currently held […]

Jim Carrey Starts Controversy With Painting That Looks Like Sarah Huckabee Sanders

by Mark Anderson
Comedian Jim Carrey ruffled feathers Saturday when he tweeted a photo of a painting he made that looks a whole lot like White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The actor and comedian shared the image with the caption: “This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!” A spokeswoman for Carrey confirmed to The Associated Press that it was indeed his artwork, but would not reveal whether the painting depicts Sanders.  Many Twitter users shared their extremely varied responses to the piece. Some celebrated the image, while others criticized Carrey’s use […]

Oprahs Bathtub Is So Extra, It Even Shocked Reese Witherspoon

by Mark Anderson
Oprah Winfrey is so rich, she spends money on things we didn’t even know existed — like her custom bathtub, for example.  The media mogul revealed Monday on “The Late Late Show” that bathing is, without a doubt, her favorite hobby. So it only makes sense that she would invest in the best option on the market.  “I do have a hand-carved tub,” Winfrey told host James Corden, while sitting beside her “Wrinkle in Time” co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling. She revealed that the bathtub is carved out of marble and onyx, and that a “couple” of people could probably fit in there. And […]

The Secret Struggles Behind Instagram Pie Porn

by Mark Anderson
Social media has given us a bottomless thirst for symmetry, beauty and unattainable perfection, and one medium in particular speaks to that desire. It comes in the form of something one might call Instagram“pie porn.” It’s the art of taking beautiful photos of perfectly made pies, which admittedly sounds delightfully easy. But calling it easy would be doing its creators an injustice. While bakers may be kind souls by nature, bakers who bake for Instagram are also forced to battle some truly weird demons of both science and social media varieties. A growing number of Instagrammers have mastered pie art, each acting […]

Boy Billionaire Caspian Rutherfords 6 Secrets To Driving The Nanny Mad So You Can Get A Day With Mum Mum

by Mark Anderson
Parum pum pum, my fellow child barons! It is I, the famed Boy Caspian Rutherford of unfathomable wealth, dictating an online column to my robot butler who is in turn dictating it to my human butler. This week, we are discussing how to get more time with your beloved mum mum by making the hired help so miserable that they forget their place in society and storm out of your mansion in a huff. Then Mum Mum will be forced to hold your fat little hand for as long as it takes the service to send a replacement nanny, and […]

Writers and TheirMothers review the legacy of maternal blessings

by Mark Anderson
Made, marred, mollycoddled and inspired Philip Larkin, Ian McEwan and Samuel Beckett are among the authors in this lively collection of affectionate and celebratory essays Has there lived a writer who claimed never to have been influenced in the smallest part, for good or ill, by their mother? In this lively collection of essays, the legacy of maternal blessings (which they mostly describe) is thoughtfully and skilfully unpacked, either first-hand, via personal memoir, or second-hand, via biographical portrait. The keynote in nearly all of them is gratitude, for in the long perspective a writer must acknowledge a link between nurturing […]

Why Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros.’ announcement means so much to me

by Mark Anderson
Image: Nintendo When Nintendo announced a new Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch last week it made me realize just how much this franchise has meant to me. From the Atari 2600 my dad bought me when I was three to the three consoles currently connected in my apartment, video games have been a constant and delightful hobby. But my personal experience with the Super Smash Bros. games is something else entirely.  I have extremely special, vivid memories from every single entry in this franchise and the opportunity to create more is something that genuinely fills me with joy.  […]

Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk to launch flying taxi service in New Zealand

by Mark Anderson
Would you fly in one of these?Image: Kitty Hawk/Vimeo In April last year, Google co-founder Larry Page publicly announced he was building an electric, flying car through a company called Kitty Hawk. A video showed a prototype aircraft flying over water, but it was unclear when it would be approved by regulators for anything more than a hobby.  Now, according to The New York Times, Kitty Hawk will on Tuesday announce it has reached an agreement with the government of New Zealand to test its aircraft in order to get officially certified for flying in the country.  SEE ALSO: Airbus’ […]

Fishbrain, the fishing app and social network, raises $13.5M Series B

by Mark Anderson
Fishbrain, the Sweden-made mobile app and social network for sport fishing, is disclosing $13.5 million in Series B funding. The round is led by B Capital Group, the VC fund founded by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, with participation from SoftBank Ventures Korea, and existing investors Northzone, and Industrifonden. The new cash injection, which brings total funding to $28 million, will be used by the startup to expand its vertical social network and data-driven app that claims a membership of over 5 million anglers. This will include doubling headcount from 30 to 60 this year, in a bid to accelerate user […]

Trumps take on gaming and violence was wrong in the 90s and its twice as wrong now

by Mark Anderson
A cobbled-together meeting at the White House is the latest chapter in the long, misguided crusade against video games. It would be comical if the country were not in a bitter ongoing debate about gun control and the safety of children; but since we are, it’s frustrating that time is still being spent on this long-settled “debate” instead of on practical matters. The administration invited, on rather short notice, several major game studios, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, Entertainment Software Association, and several groups that have worked to limit violent games. Ostensibly the meeting was to hear both sides of […]

Recognizing the Women Who Wove the Web

by Mark Anderson
Claire L. Evans has discovered the solution to our social media woes: “Go back to BBS.” She means bulletin board systems, those grunge-era digital hangouts, like the Well and Echo, where users linked up based on mutual interests and supported one another. (So civilized.) Earlier this year, Evans even installed BBS server software on her Raspberry Pi to test her theory. “That kind of small-scale, self-­policed social media could serve as a balm to us all,” she says. WHO:Claire L. Evans, writer and musician CULTURAL OBSESSIONS:Sci-fi by Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Russ, and Octavia Butler; Star Trek: Deep Space […]